Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Programming for the Summit

Hello Everyone,

The Summit is 2 days away and we are ready!!

The Summit's program is developed to carry-on a conversation about Just Transitions throughout the day and each activity builds in the previous. By the end of the conference young people will have a better idea of what Just Transitions look like and how they can be applied on a local level via the work we do within frontline communities. We encourage everyone to be prepared to stay all day.

The event starts at 10am and will end around 8pm. There will be food served along with give-aways for this who registered early.

Here are the Learning Circle Descriptions:
        o   Just Transition: Community lead solutions vs. False Promises 
§  The world is confronting two fundamentally interrelated crises today: economic and ecological. But we can address the root causes of the climate crisis. This will require a radical transformation of the economy. AND communities are already beginning to implement real solutions to climate change that chart a path towards a more ecologically rooted economies.

o   Faith and Climate Change 
§  2015 is a crucial year for climate action. As the conversation continues to reach new audiences, faith communities are increasingly becoming more present at the table. How can we make green ministry more appealing to congregations? What actions can we take as faith communities to seek climate justice? Does our faith lead us towards the climate justice movement?

o   Policing and Militarism with a CJ Perspective
§  A wedge has been created between our communities and those who are to protect and serve (NYPD). More recently, our communities have had to mourn the deaths of many young Black and Latino men and women. How will this wedge change because of climate change? Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? Come to this circle to learn more about how climate change is going to effect policing and militarism 

o   Eco-crisis in Puerto Rico  
§  Come to this circle to learn about the economic crisis that is happening in Puerto Rico. Communities in Puerto Rico like Caño Martin Peña and Vieques are environmentally burdened. There is also a proposal to develop incinerators in Puerto Rico. Young people in Puerto Rico and being pushed off the island because of economic pressure. What can we do here in NY to show support?

See you there!



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